It has been a year already huh?

Fri Feb 15

We all know that feeling when certain date arrives and we look back in time, today is one of those moments for me. Is not that I’ve been unaware of the time passing by, to be honest I have counted the days for various reasons, yet still I’m looking back and having that: “It’s been a year already!!”

Today marks a year since I moved to UK. Many people have done this before, its not so rare or especial in fact it is pretty common, nevertheless not many people do it if is not out of necessity or because of their employer. In my case the reasons were simple; I wanted the experience of living in another country, a change of scenery and of course some career improvements. This wasn’t a sudden idea, (I rarely take impulsive decisions) I wanted this for over 8 years so it was a no brainer when the opportunity materialized, it was a matter of doing it before life became more complicated or regret it forever.

Since this is not a public statement about my reasons or anybody else’s for taking such a step but an exercise to somehow celebrate the date I should reflect on it. To quickly sum it up I’ll say the whole journey has been really good, in fact if it wasn’t for taking the time to look back and ponder about the future to write this, I would not be remembering all the problems and difficulties I had and the challenges ahead (yes still I have them).
Lets be honest this is not one of those popular spanish tv programs where spaniards living abroad tell how perfect their life away is and how nice everything was, don’t believe those! This is not easy even when you have a plan and it works, so imagine if you don’t have a one or you take a precarious decision.

All those things that I have encountered on this journey is why I said before that somehow I have counted the days, it has been a year of controlling complications and timing uncertainties, talking about them would be boring but the idea behind all this jabbering is that no matter how difficult it has been or if I finally have to cut this adventure short, I surely have enjoyed every minute of it and I will no doubt to do it again here or anywhere else. It has positively modeled me and I don’t regret it.


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