Surrounded and Defeated

Thu Nov 22

Some days ago I received the bad news that the historic Khodynka aerodrome in Moscow and its small airplane collection was finally victim of the builders and their construction equipment. On the early hours of the morning the bulldozers made a pile of ruble out it, leaving no sign of the planes behind.

The collection didn’t had unique pieces, but the planes were worth keeping historic or especial versions of the most known Russian military aircraft. Originally the collection was owned by the design bureaus that operated in Khodynka till they left the area and the collection behind to its fatal fate.

I know it’s impossible to save every airplane left alone in the world, but there are cases in which destruction is a same to anybody that enjoys saving any kind of heritage and the Khodynka collection is sadly one of those cases, especially after resisting for such a long time in the middle of the ever growing Moscow.

Glad I have some excellent recollections of a perfect morning roaming around the collection with friends, I will never forget that day! For our MiG17 and the rest of the planes I rise my glass…

до свидания товарищ!!!


Technologist, aviation aficionado and casual photographer.